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The Green Baker Podcast

Mar 26, 2020

What makes full exotic agricultural hemp so attractive for some? Angie ( speaks to Rafael Alvarez, owner and operator of Third Day Collective (@thirddayllc954); a Fort Lauderdale based full flower micro batch hemp cannabis educator and store. A self proclaimed #hemper, we geek out about the 118 cannabinoids in whole flower, why medical marijuana CBD is not as good as you think and he offers a $1000 dollar challenge to anyone willing to prove they have a strain specific cannabis that isn't extracting with CO2, ethanol or butane! It is a plethora of information and science-y cannabis stuff that will make you rethink CBD and its whole benefits.

Producer: Nekoda Renken @Nekoda

Sound Engineer and Outro Music: Jeannina "JT" Taylor @therealjeannina

Intro Music and WordPress designer: RR Coupland Audio