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The Green Baker Podcast

Jun 1, 2020

Hey Greenies! This finale is our journey down memory lane. The first season was a spectacular presentation of human connection, laughter, joy and A LOT of canna realness. The whole purpose of this podcast is to educate, advocate and hopefully de-stigmatize by putting some human stories to cannabis. I must admit I learned a lot more than I expected throughout the season and built a connection with the canna community in a real and unique way.  Enjoy these fantastic snippets from our debut season. I hope that you will share, subscribe and re-listen to your favorite episodes until the next season comes out. 


Big thank you to the trailblazing guests of the first season for sharing your stories and your time: @dat_handsome_comedian, @soflocannabiscoaching, Paul Salyers, @thegreengodessdiary@compassionaterns, @cannablissjo, @thirddayllc954, @flcannabisqueen@ganjabeachradio, @hempinternational


Lastly, thank you to the crew who made the show sound so freaking good!

Producer: Nekoda Renken @Nekoda

Sound Engineer and Outro Music: Jeannina "JT" Taylor @therealjeannina

Intro Music and WordPress designer: RR Coupland Audio