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The Green Baker Podcast

Apr 9, 2020

10% THC cap, Regulate Florida and MILF all have us thinking, ”what in the bejesus is going on with our government?" Angie ( invites her homegirl Johaira "Jora" Cespedes (@flcannabisqueen) onto the show to not only break down how we can get involved with current politics and make our voices heard, but also to share her story of leaving Miami and going to Tallahassee to make a real difference in the cannabis space. She speaks about making government work for us, what organizations are ACTUALLY working and how she is bringing her own special blend of hippiness, latin fire and corporate background to the halls of the state capitol.

Producer: Nekoda Renken @Nekoda

Sound Engineer and Outro Music: Jeannina "JT" Taylor @therealjeannina

Intro Music and WordPress designer: RR Coupland Audio