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The Green Baker Podcast

Jan 23, 2020

Angie ( and Brit Francis (@soflocannabiscoaching) discuss in part two: LGBTQIA visibility, the parallels between many subculture and cannabis movements, Brit's first time getting high, how being a student athlete and using CBD can be beneficial, we give kudos to the hemp industry and the ladies making stuff happen in that arena with vertical and horizontal integration, and the twinkle of the beginning of what would become The Vagina Cannalogues!

Some referenced Instagram accounts: @bocacenterforhealthyliving

@cannabiskillsracism @thecannaacademy

Producer: Nekoda Renken @Nekoda

Sound Engineer and Outro Music: Jeannina "JT" Taylor @therealjeannina

Intro Music and Web designer: RR Coupland Audio