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The Green Baker Podcast

Feb 27, 2020

Angie ( speaks to Elizabeth Hayes (@CompassionateCareRNs) the founder and registered nurse behind Compassionate Care Nursing Services, who shares her incredible story of going from being paralyzed and healing herself with medical cannabis and becoming a well respected patient advocate in the state of Florida. Elizabeth also shares her very personal story of her first time trying cannabis. We touch on the topics such as: self advocating, finding the right kind of care and also listening to your own body when it comes to cannabis use. Lastly we talk about the future of medical marijuana and the possibility of adult use in the state and the many petitions that are currently circulating and how to educate and distinguish them.

Producer: Nekoda Renken @Nekoda

Sound Engineer and Outro Music: Jeannina "JT" Taylor @therealjeannina

Intro Music and WordPress designer: RR Coupland Audio